The Curious Tale of How Fine Blended Whisky Came to Be Found in Belgium, and Why It Is “Verdoeme Lekker”

At the core of our company might be a young man with a big dream and a passion for whisky.

But don’t let this man’s young age fool you, because at heart he is driven in pursuit of success and is a passionate whisky lover. It was his older brother who first introduced him to whisky and cigars years ago, and launched him on a lifelong journey to sample the world’s finest of both. Their shared passion led the two brothers on many adventures, and one of those resulted in this — Original Van de Perre Blended Whisky, which is the material embodiment of passion and hard work.


Our search for the finest whiskies, naturally, led us to Speyside, the heart of Scottish whisky country. Spread along the coast in the area around the River Spey in Moray and Badenoch and Strathspey, Speyside is home to some of the best and most popular single malt whiskies in the world. This region is protected by special U.K.  government legislation and it’s where we go when we source the whiskies that become Original Van de Perre Blended Whisky.


We create Original Van de Perre Blended Whisky by hand, using carefully selected single malt whiskies from Speyside which are crafted by a blend master and shipped to Belgium. Here, we add our own unique touch to create this unique flavour profile which stresses approachability and accessibility.


Let’s share our love for whisky and raise our glasses to great friends and a great whisky. It is, after all, “Verdoeme lekker!”


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