Original Van de Perre Blended Whisky. Smooth, Balanced, Fruity, Approachable

Van de Perre’s Original Blended Whisky is redefining what it means to be an approachable whisky. Whether you are new to the world of whisky or seeking the next exceptional drink, Van de Perre’s Original Blended Whisky starts with unique Scottish whiskies blended together by a master blender to create a distinct, smooth, flavourful drink. See for yourself what we mean when we say our blended whisky is “verdoeme lekker!”

Color: Deep caramel

Nose: Fruity, oaky, and summery

Palate: Well-balanced and fruity

Flavour: Delicately balanced, with notes of orange, raisins , and vanilla

Finish: Long, creamy, and smooth


Herman Brusselmans wordt de stem van de Vlaamse porno.

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